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text2net are your professional partners in both the day-to-day maintenance and the planning, organisation and implementation of large-scale relaunch and migration projects. We take care of your web content, from designing the structure for navigation and web pages within the CMS, through to text, form and media management. A project manager is on hand to guide your project through all phases of the process.

You can be confident that your content will be handled and published efficiently, safely and on time.

We routinely work with numerous current content management systems and technologies on a wide variety of scales.

CMS Experience:

  • We work with numerous popular content management systems and technologies of varying dimensions on a regular basis
  • We conduct CMS training sessions for the editorial staff of our international clients
  • We provide test management of new functionalities for CMS advancements


Digital Transformation

Automated processing starts with the preparation of content and data. This applies to digital transformation in exactly the same way.

Provider of technical solutions such as chatbots, text engines or PIM systems in general do not offer this labour-intensive preparatory work.

Organizations interested in digital transformation often do not have structured content available and may even lack the structures and processes required for the preparation of content and data.

This is where text2net is able to assist: our understanding of content management includes the preparation of content and data to the extent that data and content can be integrated to chat bots, text engines or PIM systems effortlessly.

text2net provides Import Services for the CRM Cloud Solution of its business partner weclapp.

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